Oakdale K-8 School

Dress Code Policy

Please note:

Oakdale School is no longer enforcing a Uniform Policy.

Please read below for our strict Dress Code Policy

Oakdale School Dress Code Policy

Oakdale School is no longer implementing a Uniform Dress Policy. Instead, a strict Dress Code will be enforced. Please read below for specific changes.

Student Dress Code:

Student dress should not be disruptive to the learning environment. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. Dress should be modest, neat, clean, appropriate, and compatible with educational activities.

2. For safety reasons, covered shoes (meaning all parts of the foot are to be covered) should be worn at all times. Sandal, high heels and/or skate shoes are not to be worn. Students not wearing safe shoes will not be allowed to participate in P.E. or recess.

3. All clothing must be tailored (no sagging). Yarn will be used to fix sagging clothing.

4. Shorts, skirts, dresses must be at least “fingertip” in length when arms are at their sides.

5. “Halter”, “tube”, “spaghetti straps,” and tank tops with oversize armholes are not appropriate at school. Midriffs must be covered.

6. Emblems, words and pictures on clothing should be appropriate to the educational atmosphere.

7. Hats are to be worn outdoors ONLY.

8. Hair styles and colors attracting lots of attention during school are prohibited. Students with a distracting hair style may be asked to change it. All hair colors must be of a natural hair color.

9. Pajamas are prohibited unless a specific spirit day is designated for this attire. Blankets are prohibited.

10. Pants must not have holes, tears, or rips in their design. Also, excessive and large holes caused by wear in the pants is prohibited.

** Parents may be called to bring appropriate footwear or a change of clothing. **

Advance notice will be given to parents and students when these standards may be altered for special events, i.e., spirit day, field days, picnics, physical education, etc.