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Learning Center

Welcome to the Learning Center!

The Learning Center is a special education model of services.  Here we specialize in special education services for resource students as well as resource plus students.  Students remain in the regular education program for most of the day.  They may attend the Learning Center for a resource class for intensive work in specific areas of need.  These areas of need are determined by observation and assessment results. The resource specialist provides instruction either in small group or individually depending on the specific needs of the student.  Instruction can be given in the regular classroom or on a pullout basis to the Learning Center.

Meet the Teachers

 Ms. Ghansah and Ms. Cobbs
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Ms. Ghansah

My name is Rebecca Ghansah.  I am the RSP teacher for grades 1-6 at the Learning Center. This is my first year at Oakdale and my 8th year in Twin Rivers Unified School District.  Originally from Ghana, am married to my husband of 33 years and have 3 wonderful children and a daughter in law.

I started my career as an Instructional Assistant and a Reading Intervention teacher in 1994. I am passionate about teaching and am looking forward to a fantastic year at Oakdale.

When not at school, I enjoy gardening, reading, sewing and just being at home.

Ms. Cobbs




The Oakdale Learning Center is located in Room 21.  Mrs. Cobbs (Resource Specialist) and Miss Jacey (Paraprofessional) work with students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. Middle school students come in for curriculum support for 1 hour daily.  The Learning Center staff also provides "push-in services" to the 6th grade students in their class environment. The students served are those with Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) needing additional academic support.  Student progress towards their academic goals is monitored frequently and adjustments are made throughout the year to keep students challenged and learning!

Learning Center Team

Chaney, Lisa